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Overall, Janis the harris hawk is a skilled hunter and a loyal companion to her owner, who is also her partner. They enjoy hunting together and going on long walks and flights. However, Janis can become jealous during her mating season and is known to imitate Janis Joplin, which can be irritating to her owner. Despite their occasional quarrels, they accept each other and have a strong bond. 


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The text is a personal narrative about the author’s experience of training and working with a falcon named Sirocco. The author recounts the process of taming Sirocco and training him for free flight, as well as their experiences working together at falconry shows across Europe. The author also describes Sirocco’s unique flying style and his ability to catch and bring back a red cloth instead of a lure, which is a rare skill among falcons. The text conveys the author’s love and respect for Sirocco as a special and reliable animal companion. 

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Wow, what an incredible adventure with Bruna and Lino! It must have been quite stressful to have them free, but also incredibly rewarding to see them thriving in the wild. It’s amazing that you were able to retrieve Lino all the way in Belgium, and then Bruna just 60km away! It sounds like you have a deep love and passion for these birds, and your dedication and bravery is truly inspiring. 




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