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Unleash Your Inner Falconer: An Educational Experience with Birds of Prey

If you’re not keen on hiking and prefer a more static experience, but are intrigued by falconry, I have just the thing for you. This particular experience is tailored towards the educational aspect of falconry, giving you an in-depth understanding of the ancient art that dates back to the Middle Ages. As a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, falconry has stood the test of time and continues to capture the imaginations of many.

During this experience, I’ll guide you through my daily routine with my birds of prey, teaching you the correct handling techniques and showing you the basic skills needed to fly them. You’ll get the chance to be the star of the show as we fly my birds together, and I’m confident that you’ll enjoy this interactive experience amidst the beauty of nature.

Even if you’re not planning on taking a bird of prey home with you, this experience is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about what it takes to care for these magnificent creatures, including the necessary equipment and husbandry laws. 

 The program will change slightly during summer due to heat is not possible to fly during the day , so program will start in the afternoon and we can arrange to fit perfectly your schedule.


As much as we love dogs, no pets are allowed for safety reasons concerning our birds.   

Flight of the Birds: A Unique and Interactive Falconry Adventure

The Halk walk includes:

The duration of this activity is approximately 4-5h hours, and the programme will be as follows:
  • presentation of the animals, theoretical and technical              part of falconry
  • basic handling technique
  • lunch at restaurant Le Chausseur (Landskrone Caslte)
  • flight of the animals together ( 3 falcons and 1 hawk)
  • souvenir photo
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1000 CHF

Falconry for a Day

  • CHF 1000 for 1 – 4  people
  • Children up to 12 years of age are free of charge.
  • Groups of 4 people minimum.
  • For groups of more than 4 persons, please call me to            make a  special arrangement
Frequently Asked Questions

Simple outdoor clothing with hiking or walking shoes is ideal or jeans with a top and/or jacket of your choice. Elegant clothing is not recommended.

For safety reasons against birds of prey, pets are not allowed.

No, the falcon or hawk will be called on the falconry glove that the falconer will provide, without any risk for the participants.

Yes, the falcon or hawk will be called on the glove that the falconer will provide, without any risk for the participants.

no, because this activity focus more on education than  hike.

Yes with the camera of your choice, even with professional cameras with large lenses.

During summer, the best time is in the morning (08:00 – 11:00) or in the evening (17:00 – 21:00), preferring the cooler hours of the day. During winter, the latest possibility is 14:30 – 16:15 due to early sunset. During the other periods, anytime during the day is possible.

If it rains lightly, the activity will take place but in case of heavy rain or storm we will have to postpone the appointment.

Please pay with your TWINT App on your phone or bring cash.

There is a  maximum number of 6 people to participate in this experience. For more than 6 participants, we are happy to organize an event with additional birds of prey. Please approach us to get a quote.




I'm Simone and my hawks and ready to give you every information

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