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Meet Janis, the Harris hawk who’s not just a quick learner, but also a great hunter and a loving partner. She even lets everyone cuddle her. I take her on long walks in the forest and flying adventures over cliffs and slopes. Fun fact: Janis has a habit of imitating Janis Joplin, though not so successfully!


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Meet Sirocco, the falcon that stole my heart. When I first saw him, he was in a cat box with his tail wrapped up to avoid any damage. From that moment on, we both knew that we had found our soulmate. Training a falcon is not a easy task. The taming process started in a dark room, lit by a single candle, and progressed step by step towards free flight. With each passing day, Sirocco became more confident and soon he was flying all over Europe with me. Sirocco is not just any falcon; he has a unique way of flying that involves catching a red cloth instead of the traditional leather lure. He’s also special because he brings it back to me, something that’s rare for falcons to do. Come and see Sirocco in action as he flies at incredible speed, just a few centimeters from our heads! 

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Meet Bruna and Lino – two Saker falcons from Tuscany with a story like no other. Raised by me, their fearless and strong spirits were developed through a process called hacking, where they were given total freedom with a small GPS installed on their back. But one day, Lino disappeared and the GPS signal went silent. I embarked on a five-hour journey to retrieve him from a Belgian forest. And just as I thought the adventure was over, Bruna also flew away on migration the same day. With a pounding heart, I raced to find her during an epic storm. Read my blog to discover more about the captivating and heartwarming story of these two incredible falcons.




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