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I am Simone Cilluffo, an Italian who lives and breathes for falconry, passionate about
video creation and photography. My passion for these three arts blends perfectly to create a unique and exciting experience.


My story begins with a thirst for adventure from a young age, which led me to leave
everything behind at the age of 18 and live as a nomad. I have visited the most remote corners of the globe, from Indonesia to India, Thailand and sleeping in the forests of New Zealand, always looking for the next exciting experience. 


After 15 years on the road, I decided to settle in Switzerland and co-founded a falconry company.  My passion for paragliding brought me closer to the world of birds of prey and, in particular, falconry. I have dedicated 10 years of my life to learning from the best falconry pioneers in Italy and abroad, becoming an expert in handling these magnificent creatures. I have been lucky enough to live my passion and now with Art Falconry I combine my passion for travelling with that for falconry, sharing my unique experiences with other enthusiasts. 


I discoverd photography by chance and it has become a way to get in contact with myself and a form of meditation.  Taking pictures of the natural beauty on my travels allows me to capture and share the most precious moments of my life.  The latest passion I have discovered is videography, the missing piece to express what is in my heart. Videography allows me to tell exciting stories and take viewers on an immersive journey through my eyes.  


I am a lucky man to have turned my passions into a profession and now I invite you to join me on an unforgettable adventure through the world of falconry. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and inspiring you to live your passion.

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Simone Cilluffo

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